Mickal “Mr. Mikey” Stubblefield is a multidimensional brand operator, designer and creative wizard.

Mr. Mikey specializes in apparel, product, packaging, graphic and logo design. With a keen eye and refined understanding of the art of aesthetics, design language and color theory, he is able to masterfully execute his work. His passion is found in creating things  with purposeful intent to add value to the world. After spending the majority of his 16 year career designing for larger brands, companies, celebrities, and clients, Mr. Mikey has turned his creative vision inwards to give himself the attention that he so deserves.

Maison Monsieur Mikey New York is a contemporary lifestyle designer brand founded, designed and produced by Mr. Mikey. It seeks to answer the question ‘what is contemporary from a classic NYC style perspective?’ It is an anti-fast fashion experimental brand that offers a selection of ready-to-wear outerwear & apparel, accessories, home goods and jewelry that aims to appeal to both aspirational and luxury clientele. Each product is given careful consideration so that the value is conspicuous.